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Build a prosperous future
Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.- Engineering & Construction will serve as a cornerstone in increasing the country's land value and strengthening the nation's competitiveness based on its unquenchable thirst for challenge to lay out the new roadmap of Korea. Lauded for its construction and engineering excellence based on top-notch technology and quality, Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.- Engineering & Construction is contributing to national development while actively participating in civil works including roads, harbors, railroads, and coastal land reclamation projects.

Civil engineering

Roads & Bridge

We are building Korea’s main transportation and distribution arteries.

Civil engineering projects are the foundation for balanced regional and national industrial development. Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.- Engineering & Construction has been recognized for its technical capability while participating in construction of the Northside Access Road at Incheon International Airport, the road linking Songdo and Neunghae, Gyeongchun Railroad Line Section 8, Seoul Subway Line 7, Incheon Subway Line 2, and the Incheon Bridge Access Road.

Harbors & Reclamation

We are expanding the economic territory of Korea at sea and on land.

Technically recognized for reclaiming almost a million square meters of land off the coast of Incheon, Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.- Engineering & Construction is increasing the area of national territory. Our advanced technical capabilities are evident in the construction of integrated harbor facilities for shore protection, sea bank and tide embankments in Goheung Harbor, Shore Protection for Mokpo Inner Harbor, Dongkuk Steel Wharf and the Inclined Wharf at Incheon South Port.


We are increasing Koreans’happiness index by building first-class leisure infrastructure.

Another role of Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.- Engineering & Construction is enhancing the quality of life for Koreans who work hard to advance their families and the nation. Our leisure infrastructure projects include Incheon Grand Park, Anseong Golf Course and Jungnang Eco-Culture Park.

Irrigation and Flood Control

We are fostering advanced and well developed environment of the land through irrigation and flood control.

Effective land management and preservation go hand-in-hand in creating a sound environment. Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.- Engineering & Construction is spearheading the effort to manage the nation's land through river flood control projects like the Tamjin River Flood Control Project, Sapgyo Stream Flood Control Project, improvement of the Budong Stream Flood Disaster Prone Area and construction of the Buffer Storage Facility in the Gumi Industrial Complex Number


Environmental Plants

We are building a brighter world by preserving our environment.

Our proenvironment business model is based on a corporate spirit where mankind and the environment are most important. We are preserving our natural resources and protecting the pleasant environment through the construction of environmental plants such as the Incheon and South Incheon Metropolitan Living Waste Incineration Facilities, Gajwa, Hagik, and Gijang Sewage Treatment Plants, and Bupyeong Water Treatment Plant.

Our flawless construction of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities contributes to Korea’s industrial development.

Constructed and outfitted with the latest technical advances by Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.- Engineering & Construction include the GM-Daewoo Bupyeong and Pyeongtaek Ssangyong Motor plants, the Korea EMS plant, and Pyeongtaek Ssangyong Motor Poseung and GM-Daewoo Boryeong plants. The comprehensive construction capabilities from design to construction for all industrial facilities and car plants allow us to expand into wider plant business areas.