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Architecture changing cities
One building can transform a city. Deviating from the simple idea of constructing a building in an open space, Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.- Engineering & Construction even considers a city’s complex functionality, the preservation of its enchanting environment, the efficient use of space, and the implementation of state-of-the-art information systems and ergonomic elements in accordance with the purpose of stay. We are pursuing total engineering and construction solutions optimized for our customers' expectations as regards work, public, retail, research, and medical facilities.

Office Building

Today, we are building business environments with tomorrow’s state-ofthe-art digital technology.

The office building is changing. Rather than being a simple office space, today’s
business complex simultaneously raises employee productivity and city image thanks
to intelligent digital systems and beautiful exterior. In addition to the Sangamdong
KGIT Center and Seoul City Tower, other notable Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.-
Engineering & Construction buildings include the East Daegu Dacom
Telecommunication Center, winner of Daegu City's Architecture Award,
and the Bupyeong Office Building of Korea Life Insurance.

Public Office

We are constructing convenient, pleasant public buildings that appeal to everyone.

Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.- Engineering & Construction constructs public buildings that increase citizens’ pride, provide convenient access, and enhance the cityscape. Cheonan City Hall and outside facilities surrounding the International Incheon Airport have added to our industryleading reputation for flawless construction.

Commercial Complex

We are building landmarks that set the standards for excellence in construction.

The increasing social demands must be mirrored in the complex business building and its construction technology. They must be built with excellent construction skills and deliver increased economic and cultural value to the area. Central Gangnam’s COEX Artium in Samsung-dong is the epitome of added cultural value.

Institute & Education & Hospital

We build them perfectly so occupants can concentrate on research and studies.

Research, academic and medical institutions are important spaces to prepare for the future so they must be built perfectly. Impeccably constructed facilities inspire tenants in their quest for innovation and production. The list of All-Star Buildings includes: GM-Daewoo Cheongna Research Institute, Space Communication Research Center, Daecheon College Automobile Research Hall, Incheon University Northeast Asia Dormitory, Jeju National University International Education Center and Bucheon Hana Hospital, Songdo Global Campus of Yonsei University.