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We are leading residential culture in the 21st century
The residential culture of the 21st century has the New Leader spirit. Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.- Engineering & Construction is raising the level of residences in Korea thanks to our extensive experience and advanced technical capabilities. We are providing high value, advanced housing products such as apartments, residential/commercial complexes and office buildings with residential facilities.

Urban Residence

Urban Residence

Exordium, the highest class brand for residential/commercial complexes, was launched in 2006 and is delivering today’s highest level of refinement and economic value. With amenities in residential and commercial spaces befitting Korea’s quality lifestyle, constructed in prime locations with distinctive designs that highlight quality finishing materials and interiors, Exordium has elevated Korea’s quality of life to a new level.


We build as thought creating a residential space for our family.

Unveiled in 2003, Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.- Engineering & Construction’s Iaan brand has been recognized as an environment-friendly premium apartment brand. Customer satisfaction is high and is on the rise, thanks to the residential environment that offers a pleasant, healthy lifestyle with ubiquitous IT and cultural programs that create dynamic communities.


We build perfectly synergistic residential and business spaces for the digital age.

While today’s social structure is changing rapidly, basic demands for residential and business spaces have remained the same. This combination of residence and office by Daewoo Development Co.,Ltd.- Engineering & Construction provides residents with the quality of life and professional work environment they demand. These buildings are equipped with the latest technologies and amenities to boost property value and living standards. In constructing each of these special buildings, we put our pride and reputation on the line.